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Family Style

Why Family Style?

It is that sweet spot between a buffet and a plated meal. Everyone gets to choose how much they want on their plate without having to get up from the table. It truly creates an atmosphere of comfort and community as your guests gather at their table. Our staff serves and refills bowls as needed. Service time is also a quarter of the time of a buffet, so it is ideal for weddings or large gatherings.

How does it work?

When your guests arrive, there will be bread baskets, salad, and butter for them to enjoy.

When it is time to serve the main course, our staff will systematically serve each table and proceed until all have been served. This usually takes 60 seconds per table - 20 tables would take 20 minutes to serve. Our staff will then make their rounds to refill any dishes that may need more and then proceed to clean up.


How Much?

 The 30% service fee covers the service of food and cleanup of tables and dishes. We would be happy to provide you a quote!

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